Single-gas detector with data-logger

The single-gas detector Micro IV is the systematic further development of the gas detector Micro III with its proven function and safety aspects.

Extra functionality enabling also the reliable documentation of work performed in hazardous areas is added. The small and light single-gas detector is the perfect solution for detecting and immediate reporting toxic gases, oxygen and hydrogen. The large display allows a direct and easy reading of gas concentrations.

The integrated data logger records all events: gas concentration with time, respective alarm level (1, 2 or 3) and the average values for the short-time and long-time values. An infrared interface can be used to directly transfer the data to the docking station after usage.

Sustainability and resource-saving

Since environmental protection and sustainability are important for us, the gas detector Micro IV is designed for a use of several years. Exchanging the attachable smart sensor is as simple as exchanging the easily accessible battery.

Your benefit: You will only exchange the sensors and the simple batteries in the future. But there is no need for purchasing another disposable device.

Measurable gases

O2, H2S, CO, NO, NH3, HCN, HCl, SO2, H2, C2H4O, SiH4, PH3, THT, HF, COCl2, NO2, Cl2, O3, ClO2

Additional functionality of the MICRO IV

  • Data-logging
  • Infrared interface for data communication to dockingstations
  • Continuous storage of data without PC
  • Continuous display of gas concentration
  • Up to 6 months continuous operation with only one AA battery
  • Simple bump check and calibration via the Dockingstation (option)

Carrying possibilities (option)
The Micro IV is compact, light and can be securely fastened to the user’s clothing with a durable crocodile clip. A belt clip is also available. An optional rubber boot is also available to give the instrument further protection in arduous work environments.

Attachable motorised pump (accessories)

Inaccessible areas, like tanks and containers, can contain deadly gas mixtures. With the Micro IV, and attachable high-performance pump is available that can sample the gas from up to 30 metres away.

The pump and tube is quick and easy to attach, and has its’ own power supply which means the run time of the Micro IV instrument is not compromised. The separate AA battery pack gives 8 hours of continuous pump operation.

Additional functions for gas detector MICRO IV

  • Recording of all event data
  • Infrared interface for data transmission to the docking station
  • Complete data storage without PC
  • Continuous display of gas concentration
  • Continuous operation of up to 6 months with one single battery
  • Easy bump test and fast adjustment through the docking station (option)